Hexie Weekend

Soupçon report:
   Well, I still don't know if I'll be on a jury or not.  Hopefully, I'll know by next Tuesday. And hopefully my cough will be gone by then.  In the meantime between naps and coughing I've been thinking about my Soupçon project.  Karen will be releasing part 6 tomorrow and I wanted at least to have started part 5 before then.  I have some ideas and this is part of them.
I'm liking it, so I'll be making some more.  Have you been working on your hexie project?  Would love to see it (done, in process, or dreaming of)!  Linky below. Closes Monday, midnight.

I'm linking to Richard's Link A Finish Friday and Sara's Can I get a Whoop Whoop.


Karen H said…
I'm liking where you are going with your hexies! They are unique and will look great with what you've done so far! Thanks for mentioning my QAL!
Mommarock said…
The hexie looks lovely. I'm right with you on the coughing though. Went to NY City chaperoning my son's field trip this weekend. I was fine until I got on the plane. A little sore throat when I got off the plane turned into a dry cough that has yet to go away a week plus later. I went to the doctor yesterday. Two shots and three prescriptions later, I am hoping I am on my way to ribs that feel better than they do now!!!
Such a lovely hexie Angie. Link it....:)
Rosa said…
Es muy original y me encanta.Espero que te encuentres mejor de la tos !!
Leanne Parsons said…
Love those leaves added to the hexie flower.
Anonymous said…
That's a great design - unusual. I tried to add my link, here and on Billie's blog and it just scrolls and scrolls and doesn't let me add. Maybe next week. =)
Thanks so much for the linky invite! I am itching to get back to my hexgon project! I'll be back later today to check out everybody's projects - maybe this is the little push that I need!
Carrie P. said…
I want to work on my soupcon block but haven't had the time. Maybe this week.