Applique Tuesday

Lunch break from Jury duty saw me get to here:
It pays to have some parts done. Now have to pick a different green and red for the center.

And a pause from the rushing to admire my husbands latest bouquet:
Isn't it beautiful!  Love, love cactus flowers.  This is Echinocereus adustus.
What are you doing right now? Please leave a comment so I can come to your blog/photostream and check out your eye candy later tonight when I'm home. I'm linking to Esther's WoW and Connie's Linky Tuesday.  Also click here   to see this linky party.  More flowers there.

Bye, for now - onto the next to-do on the list.


  1. Ok those are the prettiest cactus flowers I have ever seen. Love them. Your applique buds are seriously sweet too, but those cactus flowers are just stealing the show!

  2. Love those flowers. Your husband is a keeper. =) Your corners looks wonderful. You made good use of your lunch break!

  3. Your appliqué is looking great. Good luck with your jury duty, hope it doesn't last too long!

  4. Your appliqués are neatly done! Are they peonies? What will you stitch in the centre?
    I also love the black and orange urn in your header. Did you write a post about it where I could see the details? I see Japanese fishes...
    I'm currently stitching something for easter (a secret!) but I posted my Cardinal and Red Berries quilt two days ago. (I'm also a follower of Ester and Connie.)

  5. Beautiful flowers....that is a cactus??? Your applique is neat too! Thanks for sharing! Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. Angie,
    Those cactus flowers are wonderful!! Frank certainly knows how to grow them!! They are gorgeous!!

  7. Are those cactus flowers? How fabulous! I used to have a huge outdoor cactus, I didn't realize a pot size one could bloom so beautifully as yours! Oh and the applique is lovely too :)

  8. Hello Angie,
    I love your appliqué, the colours are so pretty together. The cactus is exquisite - such great inspiration for appliqué too!
    Love, Muv

  9. Those cactus flowers are gorgeous. I've been out with my camera for five hours and I'm going to go through my photos.


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