Hexie Weekend

Here's as far as I've gotten with Step 4 after a day of family funeral (a 96 year-old Uncle), a board meeting, and DGS #1 to interact with:
Just the inner border added.  Come back later Friday and I'll have posted more progress.  Linky below.  Remember we like to see all sorts of eye candy even though Hexies are one of our loves.

Friday Afternoon = Once I got Will off to school and a bit of picking up done, I went into the sewing room and worked on Soupçon.

Part 4 is finished!  Again, I deviated from the QAL.  I could not find a background from which to make the pieced border that was called for.  Karen keeps telling us to make it our own, so that's what's happening with mine.  Do go visit her website and see the glorious versions others have made. I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday, Lyn's BOMs Away and Richard's Link a Finish and TGIFF


  1. Headed off to teach at a retreat this weekend and prepping for it has kept me separated from my needle for 2 days -- grrrr. Hope you get all the stitching time you want this weekend, Karen!

  2. Very pretty! I like this a lot!
    Do you know what the elongated hexies are called. I have seen a picture of some done and they formed a cross. I think there is a book out on them but an't find it.

  3. Sorry about your Uncle Angie. Your hexie is looking great with the frame.

    1. He lead a full life. The last year he couldn't talk and was mostly confined to his bed - we know he is happier now.

  4. I'm really enjoying watching this grow. :D 96 is a long life - imagine all the changes your uncle witnessed! Here's to his resting in peace.

  5. This piece is really coming along nicely! Love the batik! Praying you and your family are receiving the comfort and peace that comes from above as you deal with your loss.

  6. oh, your soupcon block is just gorgeous!


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