Stash Report and an Announcement

For that quilt retreat I went to, I used 4 yards of fabric from my stash.  Yeah!  You'll find my numbers on the side bar. I did buy 2 yards from the The Thrifty Corner at my guild's meeting, but since it was for stash enhancement, I'm not counting it as frivolous expenditures - can I reason myself out of adding to my numbers or what? - LOL.

And now for my Annoucement.  Friday the 28th, I'll have been blogging for 5 years. I can't believe it!
Of Blogging!

I've learned a lot about blogging, made mistakes, and encountered a lot of wonderful people in Blogland. So I think the occasion deserves a party and a giveaway - maybe 5 giveaways to mark the years.  Come back the last day of the month to help me celebrate.  See you then!

In the meantime, I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times for other reports on Stash Status.


Wow! Five years?!? That's amazing girlfriend!!! I'm so glad you did decide to start blogging so all of us could meet you and learn to love you :)
tubakk said…
I'll come back, because I love giveaways.
Karen H said…
Congratulations on five years! Blogging is such a great way to make new friends and learn from others. I'm glad I found your blog and am looking forward to another five years! And I like the way you think about adding to your stash....enhancement!
Congratulations from me too. I love your logic for your latest fabric purchases. I'll have to remember that one....giggle.
katyquilts said…
Five years! Congrats! I am glad I found your little corner of the web :).
Kris said…
Congratulations on the 5 years!
Quiltsmiles said…
Congratulations and it's been nice following you. Love how you did your stash report. Any hints on how to do that for my blog would be appreciated. Jane
Michele T said…
Where does the time go??!! Congratulations on celebrating 5 years! Wow!! Looking forward to many more!