Hexie Friday on Saturday

Once again, I'm late getting to post this, but I did make some hexies this week. Little Bear (my treasured miniature made by my DD) is smiling at the bit I've done.

There's a Hexie Blog Hop coming soon! See Debby's post here. I look forward to seeing all the projects offered during its run.  In the meantime, I'd love to see your progress here with a linky to your eye candy of any kind.
Blue button below.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Mine will be filled with dots!


Your little bear just upstaged your cute hexie. I love him!! Link yours as well Angie.
Sue Daurio said…
Love the black and white fabric, looks great with that red. I really need to get me some bears. Well I have a cute toddler in my post ;)
Susan Torrens said…
I hope you don't mind - I linked to two different places - one has the quilt I'm currently working on, and the other has a picture of my first hexagon quilt - I finally got a picture of the finished quilt!
Carla said…
All lovely projects here. Mine are coming along ; )
Linda said…
Cute bear! Cuter hexies!! ;o)