FMQ Challenge/Project

Phew, got it done on the last day - my FMQ Challenge/Project ( I'm using my challenge project to also fill Leah's project as my days have been thrown out of wonk with my surgery earlier in the month) done for June!  I'm very pleased to say every bit of it was done by free motion.  I can hardly believe it my self - no markers, pencil, freezer paper or tissue paper or templates.  Thank you SewCalGal and Leah for motivating us with the great tutorials and to practice, practice, practice!  I'm linking at both of their blogs. Check out the great work done by others. 


That is so wonderful. You just out did yourself.....terrific....come give me lessons!!!
Oh my gosh!!! What a great job! You should be very proud of yourself :*)
Connie said…
How beautiful!! I never even got started on mine :)
Barb and Sharon said…
Very nice! It was fun once you got started I'll bet. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Sue Daurio said…
What fun that was wasn't it? Your looks fantastic. I agree I was surprised how not using markers or rulers really works very well. You definitely showed that here.
Nancy said…
How nice to have worked all these quilting patterns on this quilt.