Saturday Summary 6/30/12

It's the end of the week, so I'd like to share some of the happenings that came our way here in Riverside, or of things shared or seen.
First off, my DIL posted this photo of our cherubs  - a moment of peacefulness for Frank and Lily:

 Then there's Alan brushing his teeth.  He loves to brush his teeth.  Oh yes, his casts will be off in another 2 1/2 weeks.  Alan is 19 months.
 And here's Leo - doesn't he have the bluest eyes?!
Then,  here is William (front left) with Dad (behind him), GrandPa, and half-brother, Gavin.  This was taken last Sunday before they (the three of them, not GrandPa)  headed back to New Mexico.  Will is visiting for 3 weeks.

My online friend, Billie posted of all the animals that visited recently.  We had a visitor too.  Not one I want to see coming round often - can't even call him snake in the grass - more like snake on the patio:
This guy was big!  I estimate 4 feet, but you can check that out yourselves by watching this (little kids might actually like to watch this - LOL) . Our steps are 3 feet wide.  He kept trying to climb our plumeria plant and the siding on the house.  Strange.  We guess it is a gopher snake. Two friends think so too.  Are there any herpetologists out there that can verify that?  He finally slithered under our breezeway door.  Good bye snake.  Don't come back - well unless we have a mouse problem.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! He looks really huge and scary!!! Hope he goes away and takes all his scary freinds with him :*) Great family pictures!

  2. Love the pictues of all of your babes and thanks for the link to my zoo.

    It took me a little while to post after the watching the video. I was feeling a little dizzy and then had to drag myself off the floor after I fainted. I awoke to find Mick holding chocolate under my nose as smelling salt.

    Most of my neighbors disagree with me, but the only good snake to me is a dead snake.



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