WIP Wednesdays

Okay, got to get serious about this top.  It's due on the 15th at our next guild meeting.  It was suppose to be 20 of the blocks you see on this fabric, but when I put the 10 together that I have made,  it seemed too overwhelming and busy.  I think I like it better with the plain squares in-between.  This is to be a lap quilt 36 x 45.  Those are 9" squares.  What do you think?
I could use some input.

I'm linking this to Esther's Wip Wednesday. You'll find the button on my sidebar.


  1. It looks good the way it is! You busy girl.

  2. There's something charming about a really busy quilt, if that's what you set out to create, so that wouldn't put me off.

    But I think this looks great how it is too...the plains definitely give it more space.

  3. Angie -- I like the way you have it placed now. But -- busy quilts are also traditional.

    Do what pleases your eye. It will be beautiful !



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