Applique Thursday 5/3/12

As I've said before, so glad I decided to have Applique Thursdays because:
1.  It challenges me to work on an applique piece - which still intimidates me but calls to me too, and
2.  I get to see some eye candy of the applique kind and other quilting kind to inspire and urge me on.

So here is what I worked on the last two days to have something to show:
Not much but it's a start on my fourth Jubilee Album block.
What are you working on - applique or otherwise?  Would love to see your work - past, present or dream.


  1. I thank you as well for Applique Thursday or I wouldn't have worked on my snowmen.

  2. I like Applique Thursday for the same reasons! Thanks

  3. I am planning on doing mimi's bloomers applique BOM. I've struggled (out of fear this is my first crack at it!) but your idea of designating a day is awesome!!!!!


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