Favorite Things Friday 5/4/12

This was my surprise in my kitchen garden at the start of the week.  It seemed to appear overnight.  Actually, I guess I was just so busy with family happenings I didn't notice.  The amaryllis was a Christmas  gift years ago and every year it gifts me again. Love these kind of gifts!
How could I have missed them.  Maybe because I was looking no further than the pink florabunda.  It keeps giving me these clusters of roses. I think we have been so fortunate with our flowers this year because of the odd weather.  We've had unseasonably cooler weather (around 11-14 degrees cooler) this week.  And even some drizzle and rain one early morning.  The plants are loving it!
Here come some more roses in this batch.

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Have a great weekend.


thea said…
Your roses are beautiful. I used to have lots, but someone at my house cut them all down, with promises of planting something else ..
Shay said…
I love those roses. They're perfect. I bet they smell divine !

And the red amaryllis is gorgeous too!
Beautiful! I love a blooming garden!