Not Sure Where this is Going, or If?

I'm behind on my UFO challenge now by 3 quilts!  And what do I do - start another charity quilt.  What was I thinking to start a new project??  But these are some fabrics given to me for St. Anne's baby quilts. Seem more suitable for a toddler.  So what kind of border, I'm wondering - it will only measure 27 x 33.  Solid green?  Same green leaf fabric if there's enough? Clueless.

And that's my fabric story for this tuesday.  Go to my sidebar to see what more "planned projects" others have at Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story  and Linky Party Tuesday.  My co-madre (Sean's mother) broke her arm again(!) and this time needs surgery, so I've got Alan all day to help out Sean and Em during this emergency.  Off to get ready.


  1. OMGosh! I'm rubbing off on you...starting something least it's for a good cause.

  2. I always seem to think the best part of quilting is starting a new project....look at my UFO's :) Looks like a lot of cute fabrics, you'll figure out something on the borders. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Are there enough dinosaurs? Those are always a hit. Whatever you choose will be great.


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