Thank you!

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful eye candy, sending good wishes and prayers. They are most appreciated.  You are so thoughtful. We still don't know anything (still feel crappy, but beginning to think now it is the meds she gave me).  Yesterday, decided to do something mindless and found myself drawn to making the string blocks for the Craftsy BOM.  There is something soothing about just sewing strips together.  Of course I had to change it.  I made the Spiderweb block first.  By the time I got ready to make the other one, was running out of steam, so just used a stripe instead of strips. I'm getting an idea for the setting of these blocks.
First block I made is on right.  Do your seams seem so pronounced?  Maybe it was the way I ironed them.  Oh, well - off to have a warm cup of water.  Take care!


Connie said…
Beautiful blocks Angie, sometimes my seams are pronounced but are fine after quilting. Thanks for sharing!