Applique Thursday Not

Still feeling poorly - had a bunch of tests today.  Docs are cogitating what is wrong. Felt best this morning, but now am off to bed.  Alas, didn't feel up to much once home from the lab - did finish that charity quilt - just straight seams - a squishy back, no batting.  The back is kinda of like minky - so soft and thick. Down hill from there.  Pick up my hoop once in a while, so this is as far as I've gotten on that.

Sure could use some eye candy.  Share yours, please.


I sure hope you feel better really soon and also that the doctors can figure out what is going on. My prayers are with you.
lulu said…
Sorry to hear you are so sick Angie. There seems to be a very bad bug going around. Ray is sick too. I hope you get better soon.
Sue Daurio said…
Hope they figure out what the problem is quickly. Feel better, and get some rest.
Sandy D said…
Hope you are feeling better soon.Not much fun laying around when you are sick.

Your stitches are so perfect! Please feel better soon. Prayers are going out for you!
Lady Gem said…
Today I started my very first applique it's an owl to put on another handbag for next Christmas. Since it's my first I don't know yet if I will actually like applique but hey what would life be if ya don't try new things right?
Jeanne said…
Feel better we will be needing your help with what to do when we get lost, if you can drink plenty of water, that will help you stay hydrated OK!? stay resting and take care, we will talk with you soon. HUGS Jeanne (angeljeanne) xox
Kat Scribner said…
I'm sorry that you are not feeling well, Angie. I do hope your tests reveal a simple solution and you are back to your best quickly.
Hope you feel better soon Angie and you get to the bottom of the problem....sending hugs and healing.xx