NewFO Challenge

LOL - thought I had posted for February, but guess not!  Here's what I've started in March - two charity quilts, a BOM, and this body pillow I'm making for my newest DGS who is 16 months.
When we get together, Alan and I like to cuddle so this 18 inch pillow will be for him to hug when he feels like it when I'm not around.  He has a favorite owl stuffed doll, so when I saw this fleece at JoAnn's I knew I had to buy some for the pillow.  The two charity quilts are almost done - in fact you can see one under the pillow in the photo below.  The BOM I hope to keep working on tomorrow, or I"ll get way behind soon.  What did you start new?  I'm linking over to Barbara's NewFO challenge (on my sidebar) - it's fun to see what people start.


  1. Angie, When I give someone an afghan that I crocheted for them, I tell them that it was crocheted with love. If they feel down, all they need to do is wrap the afghan around them and know that they are loved. I think that works for quilts too. Kathy A

  2. What a sweet idea, I just love it. That fabric is way too cute :)


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