Favorite Things Friday

It's Spring Break!  And Will was over for a couple of days.  The weather was so nice we went for a walk - turned into a hike of 1.25 hours - about a 2 mile walk stopping to see the sites.

We slathered on sunscreen got a hat (I bought Will's hat a yardsale for $1) and off we went to walk around our mountain - you know the one I made a block of. 

When I wasn't looking Will put together a gun to take along - boys will be boys!

First interesting plant we spotted was our neighbors euphorbia on their hillside in glorious(though tiny)bloom.
We were on the lookout for bougenvilla(sp?) planting as Will's family just bought one and want to know how people use them.  Here's two we found:

Mom and Dad will find those interesting.  Then on the way home I spotted this Northfolk Island Pine. 

This was our first Christmas tree 43 years ago. After Christmas my husband sold it to a neighbor who planted it in her side yard. It has grown a bit from the 4 foot tree it was.  Lastly, as we came back to where we started, Will asked about the plant below.  I told him Grandpa had put the last two year's pointsettias in a pot a month ago.  They seem to like the spot.  Go on over to Shay's Favorite Things Friday and see what others are sharing.


  1. What great photos Angie and Will ia xuch a cute boy. Have fun with him.

  2. Love Will’s hat. He looks like a game hunter. What a great way for us to share your walk.

    And Norfolk Pines are sort of from my neck of the woods. They grow to huge heights.

  3. What beautiful plants .. and so interesting and different.

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your walk Angie....great photos.

  5. What a cutie, sounds like you had a wonderful time! My grandson is on Spring break this coming week and will be visiting me!


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