Applique Thursday and more 3/29/12

Between dealing with gallstones and consequent pain, spring break, having fun with DGS and the vicissitudes of weather, haven't got much done on my new applique adventure other than numbering pieces and drawing shapes on fusible.  And they aren't worth photographing - so here's a book I'd love to make something from.  There are 15 great projects and 12 of them combine applique and pieces like the darling quilt on the cover.  Wish I had 48 hours in a day to do all these lovelies. 

Do you have a favorite book, project or work in progress you'd like to share?  How about an older quilt you're willing to show us?
Just click on the link below to share your eye candy.


  1. I have made quite a few quilts from that book. I just love it.

  2. I had my gallbladder removed at 22 - I know your pain. Take care of yourself. If you have surgery, don't do too much afterwards. Healing takes time. On another note, this book seems to have some fun projects :-)

  3. Gallbladder surgery is not as bad as it used to be - if they do the laproscopy (sp?) version - but still no fun. The resting and relaxing that you need after is a good excuse to sew, though - if you need an excuse - ;))

    I was so "into" my sewing today that I almost forgot to link up. I had my post all written - scheduled to go "live" this AM - and totally forgot the link-up part until now - but better late than never, right? ;))

  4. I just finished this little piece and I'm trying to decide what to turn it into.

  5. Angie -- thanks for hosting Applique Thursday -- everyone has such beautiful pieces. Sending positive energy your way !!



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