Favorite Things Friday

One of my favorite things is working with the group, St. Anne's Sewdality, at our church. These ladies brighten my day with their enthusiasm, dedication and cheerful personalities. We make quilts for first time low income mothers and parishioners of our church who may be going through a rough patch. Last year, our first year, we made 54 quilts. So far this year we've made 17 more.  Here are some members industriously tying another quilt top.
And here is another team designing a rag quilt.
 Here's our latest.  One member made the top.  Then others sandwiched and tied it.  Then I brought the backing forward and bound it - a team effort.  At the end of our meetings we pray over the quilts for their receipients and their babies.
What's your favorite thing this Friday?  Go on over to Shay's (button on sidebar) and link your favorite so we can see.  Thank you!


  1. Lovely colors. I'm sure the love goes with it.

  2. Ministry takes many forms, I was so happy to read that you all pray over the quilts and for the recipients and their babies, may God continue to bless this your efforts.


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