Applique Thursday

I was so busy finishing that January UFO that I only got a little bit more done on my 3rd Jubilee Album block.  My problem at this point is that the pattern calls for red flowers at the two stems left.  However, my botanical sense tells me it is not likely that would occur.  The only plant I can think that has various colored blooms on the same plant is the one commonly called yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I'll keep mulling it over - this isn't a true to life vase anyway -lol.

Would love to see your eye candy - done, in process or dreamed - use the blue button below to add your link.


Emily Nudge said…
I suggest a slightly different shade of yellow for each of the other two flowers so you have three yellows total on the two stems. Looking GOOD! Way to go MOM.
Just love your vase and the flowers are so cute!
If it were me - I would add two RED flowers - like it says - to balance out the red flower in the middle. I don't think that it is supposed to be "true to life" as much as it is supposed to be "balanced". But that's just my opinion - and I could be wrong - do it whichever way YOU want - ;))
Rosa said…
El jarrón esta quedando muy bonito.