Applique Thursday and More Late 1/19/12

Spent thursday coughing and sneezing and not much quilting, I'm afraid.  So here's a book I longingly go through now and then, dreaming of when I'm going to make some of these lovelies:
What are you working on? - applique or other wise.  Sure could use some eye candy to get me through the day.


Connie said…
Hope you start feeling better! No finishes yet this week but you might enjoy seeing what we are doing with my quilting room :)

Quilting by the River
Wow! I've never seen that book before. I thought I had seen them all.

Your the second person today with coughing and sneezing. Feel better soon!
I'm finishing up a small wall hanging. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who dreams of applique. Hope you feel better soon.
Shari said…
Hope you get better soon! I'm piecing wonky houses at the moment for a swap. But if you are looking for something really interesting - try this website: