WIP Wednesday 1/18/12

Arrghhhh!  I made it so many times - sometimes seams 3 times - I just can't foundation piece/paper piece, so that's why I went to regular piecing with this Just Take 2 #8 block. 

I'll have to take a class or something.  I don't seem to have problems when the pieces are odd, but this trying to construct a traditional block just stops me cold.  Ah me - any one have a tutorial for this kind of block?

Go see the great works in progress at Esther's blog (button on sidebar) or at freshly pieced.  I know I'll feel better after I do that.


Don't know if this will help or not - but I do Foundation Paper Piecing backwards from most people. I posted a tutorial a while back. Check it out - it may not be the "right" way - but it works for me. ;))

I'm always getting my fabrics mixed up in PPing. Your block is wonderful.
ANudge said…
Thanks for the link, Lefty! Looks easy the way you do it.
Rosa said…
I love paper piecing,follow the umber/letter to sew it.

Your block is beautiful!