The Saturday After

Here it is the saturday after Thanksgiving, and I've finally had a bit more than a couple minutes to post my applique progress for this week.  It was a busy week, a family time, a grandparent time - So fun, but am still getting back to normal.  So Applique Thursday is on a saturday this week - the last day of the week at that.
Here's how far I've gotten with my second Jubilee Album block:
What I'm doing this time is back basting the pieces to the block (here you see the front and some of the back basting ).  I'm using water soluble thread (Vanish Lite by Superior Threads) to back baste with - that way I won't have to worry about taking the basting out or struggling to remove it after I have raw edge appliqued over it.  I decided as I had the luxury of a largish piece of solid blue green to pin the solid to cover all the stems and leaves and back baste and cutting out the stems and leaves after I've basted them in place.  I back basted to the left of the lines of the elements. Then I used embroidery scissors to cut exactly to the right of the basted stitches.  This brings the cut line to be exactly on the pencil drawn line. 

What are you working on?  Would love to see your applique - past, in process, just finished or just in the planning stage.  Click on the blue button below and share your link to your blog post/or photo link.


  1. At least you have gotten caught up this week. :) With this prolonged visit with my grandchildren, knitting is about all I can manage, although I'd still love to get the new baby's quilt top pieced this week before her shower. Not sure it will happen, though.

  2. I am lost with this concept of back basting. I have not done a lot of appliqué but I don't know that term. I am having fun with my crumb blocks a few of which I have used to generate interest in quilting on FB.


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