Crumb Along #3

Finally made some star crumbs, or is that crumby stars? Surprisingly they were harder to make than I thought. And then I read Jo's post again and went to see Bonnie's Maverick stars and then the next star went together much easier. Must say it is hard to turn off the "must get it to match gene" than I thought. Here they are:
Now I need to make two heart blocks.

How are you doing with your crumbs?  Visit Jo at Jo's Country Junction to see others' stars.


Béa said…
I too, think it was not so easy to make the stars, but 28 blocks later....we will make some progress !
Eden said…
I have that same gene, apparently! I can't get mine to shut off either. I am glad I was not the only one who thought it was more difficult to make the stars than anticipated. It is a journey for sure.
krisgray said…
Cute! I've not had a chance to sit down with my scraps but the geese took me longer than I expected. Besides matching, I think I spend too much time deciding which fabric to use.
Coloradolady said…
Well, these stars were not my cup of tea, but I knew that going into it! I have not started the hearts yet. I need to get a lot done this weekend!! Yours look really nice by the way.
They may have been hard to make but they look great. I like the totally scrappy ones you've made.
It might be harder to go back and make them seems match....grin.
Jane in Wales said…
I love your wonky stars. They will look great together!
Thank you for your comment on my blog too.
Jo said…
Your stars are looking great. I hope the nine patches are a little easier. :)