Applique Thursday 9/22/11

Working on another shop hop block.  I thought I'd show you how I learned to put together an applique as taught to us by Zena Thorpe at a workshop.  Here is the photo of the block I'll be doing. 

The first thing I do is make 2 copies of the pattern.  The first one, I cut out the main pieces carefully and leave an outline of my owl intact on the page.  That's the sheet on the left.  On the right I took the main motif I cut out and cut it into the individual pieces.  It looks assembled but they are all in pieces.  From the second copy I cut out the pieces that are on top of others.  The second head is necessary so that I can align the eyes.  I also cut out the leaves from the second block as well as the tree trunk.  There's a slit on the sheet you can't see where I cut with scissors to get to the owl.  I'll scotch tape it so that I can use the sheet on my block to center the owl and position the pieces.
Next will come tracing the pieces onto the paper side of the steam a seam to make the raw edge applique.  Oh, yes, I'll have to turn the pieces to the wrong side so that they come out oriented correctly.  Once the pieces are done, I'll show you a picture of the pieces inside the outline.  This will be machine appliqued.

Working on an applique?  Finished one?  Sure would love to see it.  I enjoy the eye candy you post!


  1. That Owl is soooooooo cute!!!

    You gave excellent directions. For me doing applique that news to be turned is always hard for me. It's backwards kind of like paper piecing. You know it doesn't take much to confuse me.......grin.


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