Design Wall Monday 8/1/11

I'm noticing a pattern here. I've posted new things I'm working on several mondays now and not much has been finished. It stops today - LOL - well sort of because one of the projects in the photo is new.  Clockwise, I'm working on a new rag quilt for St. Ann's.  I hand stitched a leaf and a center last week; want to do the rest before Thursday.  Keep working on Em's quilt and get it out the door.

Is that so much to do?

Check out what others have on their design wall by going over to Judy's Patchwork Times on the left sidebar.


scraphappy said…
Sometimes choosing only one project to work on can be hard, the others all get sad and lonely when you focus on something else. Good luck with your goal.
Chris said…
Good luck. I tend to work on too many things at once and have to really force myself to focus on one.
Emily Nudge said…
Thanks Mom for doing the quilt for me! :)

Sometimes Mick calls 'me' maybe it's more like Hmmmmmmm when the bills come in.

I see applique there...Thursdays getting closer.
Bonni said…
It's the name....Design Wall Monday. It says to keep it on the wall and, therefore, not finish it right away. That's my story and I'm sticking with it since it explains my wall (grins).