Fabric Tuesday 8/2/11

Yeah, one of my goals for the week is done - I finished the rag quilt top for St. Ann's.  My job was to piece it.  I then take it to the meeting and someone else clips it and washes it to transforms it into a rag quilt. This makes the 4th one made. It will go to a nursing home, I think.  A friend gave me all these flannel rectangles, so here is the first batch made into a quilt. Thanks, Deanna!

And now, as promised, I'll show you the placemats the girls made as they learned to use a sewing machine.  We decided to use scraps for them.  The girls learned to sew seams, measure, sandwich, quilt and bind.  I'm so proud of them. 

Megan's Placemat

Lauren's Placemat

The only thing I did for them was straighten edges so they could sew the subsequent straight seam.  I was a little bit hesitant for them to use a rotary cutter.  Maybe next year if we do it again.  Here are the backs: 

Lauren did some free motion quilting.

Megan did a sitd variaion for her quilting.

The girls put them to use for lunch that day.
They later informed me that they were going to use them as doll quilts as they matched the quilts they made earlier - LOL.


Smart girls....dual purpose.
Bonni said…
Can I borrow the girls when it comes to doing free motion quilting? I haven't gotten up enough nerve to do that yet. Well done young ladies!


PS: I also haven't done stitch in the ditch. :)
Stray Stitches said…
Great job by the girls. Here I am at 56 just learning to FMQ and your daughter is out performing me - lol!
Deanna said…

You're Welcome!! The rag quilt will be warm and cozy for some lucky person in the nursing home. Glad you're able to use the flannel fabric.

Love and Hugs!
Deanna B.