Stash Report 7/31/11 & New Curtain

My husband and I have had a running feud about our kitchen window and its covering.  First a little background.  The window faces west so gets LOTS of sun.  One can't sit at the kitchen table in the afternoon without feeling like we're sitting outside in the broiling sun.  There wasn't a problem before because we had a huge Canary Island palm that grew outside and shaded the room for most of the afternoon.  But after 40 some years it grew so big that the city crew came and cut off the top so it wouldn't go in the electrical wires.  Many of you know when you dehead a palm it's dead as that is its growing tip and doesn't branch.  Well, the city then came out and took out the tree and we now have this sun patio that is way too hot for me.  My husband wants a curtain and we did have one but was a bit too narrow and he's been after me to make one that fit.  Says if I can make quilts, I can make a curtain.  I did have a landscape I wanted to make for it, but darn if I can't find the big piece I need for it.  So today, in desperation, I found another piece given to me and says on the selvage 1988 that is big enough.  It is a preprinted cloth (I don't call them cheaters).  I hemmed the sides and made a plackett and hung it up.  Done.  The sun is so bright the camera made the room way darker than it really is.  I guess I should have back lighted with flash - but I'm not much of a photographer.

One good thing is I used a piece 2 1/4 yards so that is good for my stash report.  I used a yard to cut pieces for a 4 block block piece for the BOM program and the girls used about a 1/2 yard to make their placemats, so yes!, I have broken 40 yards.  Here are the numbers:

Used this week: 3.75 yards
Used/Donated Yr to date: 53.21 yards
Added this wk: 0.0 yards
Total Yr to date Added: -11.0 yards
Total Yr to date Use: 42.21 yards

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  1. It really does look nice and I love that design.

  2. I like how that looks. Adds a lot more to the room than a regular curtain. :)


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