WIP Wednesday 7/13/11

I have now quilted the cardinal - stitched in the ditch on the straight borders and around the bird and holly.  The red backing you see is because I am going to bring it to the front and make it my binding.  I like to do this with small projects.  It makes for a fast finish.  I fold the backing in half and iron it.  Then I fold it onto the top and stitch down with a straight stitch doing opposites sides first and then the other two.  Think I'll add an eye.  There are also feathers quilted in the corners, but you can't see them as the print is so busy - another practice session - hehe.

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I love cardinals...nice job
M-R said…
That cardinal is great! I've never been particularly successful with the flip to the front binding, but the way you describe it, it sounds like it would work nicely. I'd love to see the final bound piece.
Letterpress said…
I agree with you that on small pieces, a simpler binding really works. I live in SoCal, too! I'm out towards the Inland Empire, in Riverside, and have been so happy quilting in this week in the cooler weather we've had.

Your cardinal looks great--it will really be lovely hanging up on the wall at Christmastime!

Elizabeth E.
Carlinha said…
Está precioso!