Fabric Tuesday 7/12/11

Since the bird makes the block on point, I added setting triangles to it.  Yikes that makes it almost 20" square.  While I'd like to add a border, it crys for that green of the inner border, and I don't have any of that. Another small wall hanging.

Go over to my left sidebar and click on fabric tuesday by Quilt Story.  The ladies were away last week, so this week there should be a lot of entries.


Kat Scribner said…
Hi Angie. I think this wallhanging cries out for a thin band of gold or yellow, as from the beak as it's next step! Then you could finish it off with another touch of red.

I am design obsessed!
That is 'sew' pretty!!!! I love it. Do you have a link for the pattern, or did you just make it yourself? My grandpa's favorite bird was the cardinal and I would love to make one of these blocks as a xmas wallhanging for my parents kitchen.