Through the window

signs of Spring bring a smile (especially after this last very unseasonal cold spell - it got down to 37!)
poppies, geraniums and an Aeonium Kiwi bordering the abundant grass.

pink and white geraniums
three more geranium and some alyssum - do you think I like geraniums?

Some bush sweet peas and statis amongst the soon to explode Mexican primrose.  You can see three blooms of it in the top left.  Oh, yes, a miniature rose in there - white buds.


  1. Que hermoso jardín tienes. Me encanta la primavera!!!! Disfruta de esta estación que es tan bella.

  2. Beautiful colours you have in your garden! :)

  3. (I Lost my first post.....)

    OMGosh you have a green thumb. Now I'm jealous......grin.



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