Quilt-Along moving along

Making progress on Quilt-Along
All borders added.  Decided since my borders are only 2.5 inches wide, I'm going to do the minimal quilting on them, so I am doing a line half way between the border seam and the outside seam.  I'll be using the walking foot for this and the seam guide.
Remove the basting pins of the top border.  Lay flat on your cutting table the top border of your quilt.  Fold over toward you the border and the batting.

Now fold the back of the quilt under at the seam.  You want the backing as far as you can get it from the cutting edge which will be the edge of your border.

Fold the front and the batting back up and align the edge of your ruler with the edge of your border.  Trim away the excess batting.

Bring you backing up now so that it is smooth and is like the photo. 

Now trim your backing to 3/4" or 1" all across the border.  This will be your binding.  Do this for the other three sides.  Repin your border's edge through the three layers. We will now quilt the border.