Stash Report 2/27/11

Another secret block made, so there's an 1/8 of a yard and some more siggie blocks for another 1/4 yd.  About 1/2 yd went to the donation box for squares for charity quilts, so I used a grand total of 7/8th yard.

None bought - too busy this week to even think about buy fabric even though I went to Jo-An's on wednesday.  But I just bought buttons and thread.  It's going to be easier to not buy as my closest Jo-Ann's is now 16 miles away, and not in the way I do errands either.

Used/Donated this week: ..88 yards
Used/Donated Yr to date: 12.6 yards
Added this wk: 0.0 yards
Total Yr to date Added: -3.5 yards
Total Yr to date Used 9.1 yards.

Over at PatchworkTimes, Judy has posted the state of her stash and let others do so also. Check it out.


  1. You'll soon be in the black! Where do you donate your quilt fabric? I have a lot of fabric I know I'll never use and would like to think someone is putting it to good use.


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