My Mug Rug - a Friday Favorite

I have a mug rug - I didn't know that! In that box I was going through I discovered that my forward thinking daughter, made a mug rug 8 years ago, 2003.  How's that for being ahead of the curve? She crossstitched the flower.  I am going to clear a space on my desk to put it and enjoy it.  Thank you, Em, once again.  You know how much I like flowers.  It's amazing what one finds in those destashing boxes.

PS:  that's  my favorite mug too - not for the size but the saying.
PPS:  What's your friday favorite. Let us know at Shay's Quilting in my Pajamas where she hosts favorite things friday


Carlinha said…
wow!!!! está precioso!
Marg said…
That is a gorgeous find and I certainly wouldn't be putting a mug on it, it's too beautiful.
Cris said…
Favorite Friday thing: Putting on my "Wabi Sabi" shirt and sweater. I read an article about the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi - the appreciation of the imperfect and impermanent as manifested in the material world. When I read this article I pulled my favorite shirt and sweater out of the mending basket where they had sat for a couple of years. I realized they weren't in need of mending - they were just Wabi Sabi. I put a picture of the shirt on my blog.
simonepatch said…
Maravilhoso.Adorei.As cores escolhidas de eextremo bom gosto.Parabens!!!

Nanci said…
perfect! just perfect! but don't use it too often as it will need washings and fade.
She certainly was ahead of her time making this. A beauty!
this is gorgeous!

So, after all of your commenters suggested not using your mug run - what will you do? :)

ps - I love your profile pic - it is really adorable!
Shay said…
I cant believe the detail in that stitching. It's just so pretty. And the border is perfect! Yes - you're daughter is quite possibly the inventor of mug rugs!

All of my mugs rugs have coffee on them . It adds character. I'm not sure I'd be using that one though. It's too pretty to stain!

Thanks for dropping by to FTF and linking up :)
Alisa said…
So very pretty. I would be scared to use it as well, mostly because I could never make anything so pretty! Love this FTF.
She was ahead of her time and it's a lovely mug rug.

Gail said…
Love your mug rug, what a pretty treat.
That is one beautiful Mug rug...sure you want to use it??
Kate said…
Beautiful mug rug! I like the saying on your cup too! They make a great combon!