Design Wall Monday 11/29

I'm back to a previous wall item - my coverlet which I started late summer.  I've learned a lot by starting to add the applique.  First, one should applique the sides first then put them on the top for the most part.  Some of my leaves will have paper in them because in making the 2 ply item - I can't cut the back to get the paper out.  Once I realized that I used some of Beth Ferrier's dissolving template material and those will not have paper - hehe - they will be like those old old quilts that were dated by the old paper in them.  Have three more sides to do.
Also I just couldn't get away from those rotary revolution blocks!  Before I knew it I had made 2 more - they are addictive - lol.  And I like the look of a two colors.  These were from 9" blocks and they came out to 10" finished.  What are you working on this week?  And don't forget to visit Judy at to see what others are up to.


  1. Still on my Skins quilt, got two more rows done today. I really like the blocks you did in the pink. Where could I find that pattern Angie.

  2. Lulu, I found the pattern in the latest Quiltmaker issue. It's from the book Rotary Cutting Revolution by a lady named Solomon. It's a way easy pattern. See my blog post for the previous design wall monday and you'll see some more blocks and info.
    Glad you liked it,

  3. I really want to try those blocks but have sworn myself off until I finish a couple other projects.

  4. Yes, the arrowhead blocks are addictive. I am making 2 quilts that need to be finished by the 15th and 15 pillowcases for various DGC.

  5. Muito lindo.Que cores maravilhosas.Parabens.Eu estou fazendo um trilho de mesa e algumas almofadas.Beijossss


  6. Those blocks look addictive! :)) Very beautiful! Your quilt is so lovely, can't wait to see it finished!


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