Geranium Seeds

Remember the first picture in the last post? That is one of my plots of geraniums.  And this year with the mild weather we are having, they exploded with color (remember that photo was when they were on their way out) and now I have a ton of seeds.  Would you like some free seeds?  If so, go to and get my address.  Send a SASE and I'll send you some seeds, so you can start some of your own.  They do great in pots too and are wonderful on patios.  In the winter you'll have to take them inside if you live where it freezes.  I'll send seeds as long as the supply lasts.  And here is a great website where you can find info on how to successfully grow geraniums from seed:   At left is a close up of one that is slightly redder than the seed I have - mine are more a rosey, salmon, red.  LOL, is that exact enough?  There might be some pink seed there also.  Oh and leave a comment to reserve your packet and I'll save some for when your SASE comes.  SASE??  Self addressed Stamped envelope.  Hope to hear from y'all soon.