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Phew - the last three weeks have been way too busy, but I have survived.  It was all good stuff, however took up a lot of time - ie DGS's swimming lessons, visiting cousins from out of state, minding DGS 2 while mom gets a little special time with DGD Lily, and guild stuff and Friends stuff and time with DH - LOL not much time for quilting.  Through it all trying to get a last hurrah from my spring garden before the HEAT descends on it.  So here are some pics of the last of it:  I have enjoyed it and credit mostly goes to the weather that has allowed us to have quite a few cooler days than normal (anywhere from 4 to 10 degrees cooler than normal).  Here are the last of my rose geraniums - more on those later.  Located uphill from our carport in a mostly sunny spot.  These might have bloomed longer, but I was not able to prune the old blooms off.  Now here are some lilies that my husband moved while making the new wall around our planting area out front.  He just plopped the bunch under my Cecil Bruner (not even planted) and I was waiting to move it to when he was done.  However, I forgot and in their time in that location, they decided to bloom.  Aren't they lovely!  I think I will leave them there.  Next is the planting along the north side of the house.  I've started to plant wildflowers there and sweet peas.  The sweet peas didn't amount to much (planted too late) but I will get some seed.  I like to plant in this area cuz then I can see the flowers from my hallway.
Lastly, just to the left of my carport we have these lovely white white epiphyllums that are just blooming away!  These flowers open in the early morning and have such a delicate scent to them.  It is just glorious to go somewhere in the car and have these to view as I am backing out.  I love flowers!


  1. Such pretty garden flowers! Bet you have lots of happy bees!


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