September Table Scraps Challenge

  The month is over - Wow!  It was an eventful September. We had the hottest week starting on Labor day. It was a sweltering over 100 degrees each day - 110+ days.

I got heat exhaustion and that slowwwed me down a lot. I can't do anything when I have HE - just sit and chill. I went online and checked out the temps in Baghdad. They were way hotter than us and their nights were in the 90s!! Made me be thankful for the temps we had.  It could have been worse. I don't know how they do it!!

 But I got my table scrap challenge done about 10 days later. This month the prompt was pumpkin. I found in Quilt World's latest issue a quilt with a pumpkin block in it. Okay I made a trial block.

It's a 12" table topper. I'm going to use it during the month of October as my salute to Autumn.

I also finished a ufo flimsy.  

That's all folks.  How are you doing?  Let me know and I'll visit your blog to take a look. You can see other post of what quilters made out of their table scraps at the Joyful Quilter.  Blessings,


  1. Love your little table topper. Congrats on finishing a UFO too. Even with the heat wave you managed to do a lot of sewing. Take care. ;^)

  2. Thank you, Chantal. Little by little----

  3. Darling entry for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, Angie, and congrats on getting your RSC quilt top together!!

  4. That's a cute pumpkin! Love the fabric you used for it. Pretty quilt top, too. It always feels good to finish up a UFO! Hope it will start to cool down for you!

  5. Thank you! Happily it has cooled down into the high 80s and the low 90s. That I can take.

  6. Cute pumpkin, and the flimsy too! I don't do well with heat, so I feel for you. Hope it's gotten better now.

    1. Thank you, Paulette. The temps have become moderate again. Praise, God!


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