Help 10/11/20

This is the front side:

Look good, right?
This is the back

Why is it doing this?  I've changed the needle, changed the bobbin, rethreaded the machine, made sure tension was right on the bobbin.  Arghh?

Any idea what to try next?


  1. You might have a little piece of thread in the bobbin area, under the metal plate. It happened to me. I understand the frustration. Good luck. ;^)

  2. Try rewinding the bobbin. I’ve had that happen before and 7 out of 10 times then bobbin is not wound tight enough. The other times either my tension is off or I haven’t thread it properly

  3. Angie, something (lose thread or dust) is causing your upper tension to be off. Along with the previous suggestions, try running an unwaxed piece of dental floss through your upper tension.
    This has solved many problems for me. Hope you get it solved soon.


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