Some of This; Some of That 1/6/20

Before I'm more into this New Year, here's my report on 15 Minutes to Stitch in 2020 for the first week Jan 1-4:
15 minute days/week = 3/4 days
15 minute days/January = 3/4 days
15 minute days/2020 = 3/4 days
Success rate = 75%

I"m not worried at that success rate as it was a short week. I'm in line to do better as I'm only having my granddaughter one day a week and watching my grandson after school. More time to quilt!

I already have another baby quilt top done.  This was made from two charm packs that a friend gave me for St. Anne's. I also used a bit of yardage from my stash for the corners.
There's nothing on my design wall as I just took the one above down.  As to goals for 2020, I'm going to work on those five UFOs I didn't get very far with - only finished one.  You can see those here.  Also, I'm going to work on a special project with my friend, Clare.  She lives in New Zealand.  Then I'm going to Quilt Along with the American Quilters' Society. They want to make a quilt each month, and they're not small.  I'm going to use the pattern to make baby quilt tops, so mine will be small. Lastly, I've signed up to be a tester for a wonderful website, but I can't tell you much more about that.  I've gotten my first assignment and I love it!

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday and 15 Minutes to Stitch in 2020.  See you there.


  1. I think you are smart to make small quilts. I have begun to make smaller ones as well. I have made so many queen sized ones and they take too long.

  2. You did really well the first week of 2020. Every day of the week some weeks just isn't doable. Good luck with your 2020 goals and have fun with the challenges you've picked for the year.


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