Some of This; Some of That

Remember that unit for my Anna's Garden that I couldn't get to the right size.  I figured it out! I opened up my EQ6, made the block, and printed the templates. Phew - I thought I was never going to get finished with these blocks.
Here's the first dud and the correct unit.  You can see the points will be visible on the one on the right.

Now to make three more.  They'll go faster as I can chain piece them according to DD.

Still quilting my UFO. Must be done by Monday. Gulp.

So from the garden here's some photos:
love these spectacular orange flowers

Here's Turok (from Avatar) of the plant world
And finally a photo of my DGD at the park.  She's having fun!
Go on over to I Like Thursdays for some great photos. 


  1. Those cactus flowers are stunning. Have a great week. Joining you from I Like Thursday.


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