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In addition to my ufo challenge I'm planning to follow along with Jenny Elefantz in her Gentle Art of Domesticity year. Jenny says of the author,  Jane Brocket: "It’s her ability to organically bring domestic arts into her home and family life that makes this my number one go-to book for inspiration when the monotony of my own domestic life has caused me to grumble and not be as appreciative as I could be, and as I only need spend 10 minutes reading a complete double page topic, it’s something I don’t have to put off till a free afternoon or an hour alone. I quite often drink my afternoon coffee, smile at her thoughts on ‘quinces’, let my shoulders drop softly as I ponder them, and am gently refreshed whilst transported to a sweeter, quieter place in my heart."

Jenny has a very inspiring blog where she shares her thoughts on a gentler life.  She is offering a POM - a project of the month as she is an accomplished designer of items to enhance one's place. And as I move into my seventh decade, this really appeals to me. I hope to simplify and enrich my household in this coming year.
My meditation corner


  1. I was just reading Jenny's post the other day and I have to agree. I'm looking to retire in a year or two and I don't need to cart all this clutter with me. Obviously the clutter means non crafting things. I need to sit some place and just breathe and look at things around me which bring me joy.

    1. "I need to sit some place and just breathe and look at things around me which bring me joy." Amen, Bonni. x

  2. I am doing that too! It is so nice to get together with like minded people online, and Jenny has always been a huge inspiration to me.

  3. Sounds like you are already reaping benefits.

  4. Downsize is what I hope will happen after we finally open all the boxes we've had in storage for years. :-)

  5. I'm doing this, too. I don't have at all a home that is like Jenny's, but I would like to make it a little nicer. Your meditation corner looks very appealing.


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