Some of This; Some of That

 Destashing - 1.25 yds for something big I've started.  0.01 yds for something small I've started, but I can't show them to you yet. But I bought some fabric in CO, so zero destashed. MyYTD remains the same - 46.51 yds destashed out of the 64 yards I need at this time to meet my year-end goal.

Photo wise - all I have to show you is the first tiny house I've ever seen in person

and the pink ladies I found blooming in my kitchen garden when I got home.
Days have been spent unpacking and recouping from my trip. Also getting back to my old routine.
What have you been up to?  


  1. We toured some tiny homes at the State Fair last year. I can't imagine living in one. Maybe if you live by yourself and the weather is awesome all the time. LOL I spent the day cleaning my sewing room which alwyas sparks ideas.

  2. That's one tiny house! Hope you've had time to recoup and get back into the sewing groove.

  3. That house is just too small! Love those pink flowers-so delicate.

  4. I think I could live in a small house if I was alone and if I could store my fabric somewhere else....

  5. funny, I'm unpacking (still) too lol
    little house... what's the point? I want more room! I watch the shows with people buying little houses and just can't relate! Where's the stash or even the machine going?


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