Day Two and I Like Thursdays

First we went to lunch at Mojo Taqueria in Lyons. What a fabulous menu this place has. Out of the ordinary food. Pictured here are fried Yuca -so gooood!  Great chicken enchiladas too and a kale salad I could eat every day. Here's my DS#2 partner and her mom. What a treat to be with them.

Then we went to Lyons Quilting "-one of the largest quilt shops in the state of Colorado with over 7,000 bolts of fabric  - over 2,000 batiks, a great selection of novelty fabric and flannels, the largest selection of Kaffe Fassett in the area and  carry all of the Kona solids." Ooooh - I had to buy something!
We were there for nearly an hour.

I liked everything about that day! Do visit Lee Anna's I Like Thursdays to see what others found this past week.


  1. How you kept it to only two small fabric pieces, I can't guess! It sounds like a good start to the trip, though.

  2. Oh, so much fabric! And a nice time with family. Sounds wonderful.

  3. that food sounds wonderful! So sorry to miss you this trip. Guess we'll have to drive to CA!

  4. Wow - 7,000 bolts of fabrics! Holy moly, I'm amazed you could get out of there in an hour. It looks like you picked up some fun supplies, and lunch looks delicious. I've never had Yuca that I recall. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


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