Four Days

My lovely roses are fried from the heat. Only one survived
cuz it's low to the ground and fully shaded.
of unrelenting heat!  Friday - 119; Saturday - 118; Sunday - 110.  Today they promise 105 and it may happen - the low last night was 77 - way better than the 84-85 of the last few nights.

I suffer from heat exhaustion (I had heat stroke in 2002 and now very sensitive to high heat),  and while I try very hard to stay in an air conditioned room, after a few days it starts to get to me wherever I am.  Yesterday, I started to feel the nausea and wooziness right after 8 AM mass.  We went to one store and by the time we were home at 10am, I had to lay down. Ugh.  Today, even though I could leave the windows open last night, I'm feeling it again. What to do? I drink lots of cool water, watch tv or read or sleep.  Dinners are easy things.  For instance, yesterday, I took out a P F Chang frozen entree and cooked it in a skillet. I had leftover white rice for my husband, but I put some Romaine lettuce mix on my plate and put the Orange Chicken on top of that. Great way to lower the carb count to the dish.

Sewing?  Hah! Maybe later in the week when the temps are suppose to be only in the 90s. Has to be under 96 or else still can't function.

Hope you are well. Blessings.


  1. The heat seems unbearable to me. I can't imagine how it would feel if you were sensitive to the heat. Hopefully it does cool down soon for you.

  2. Wow, I should stop complaining about my 90s! But in my defense, it's also been awfully humid! I don't know if San Jose is humid or not. I've never been there in summer, except passing through in an air conditioned car. I hope you and your roses both survive.

  3. I will sound naive here, but I didn't know what the symptoms of heat exhaustion were. I kept telling my husband last week I thought I was getting sick, etc., but had no idea. I spend most of my time during the day without air conditioning, and work mowing. Even with air in the studio, it rarely went below the upper 80's. Couple that with these darn hot flashes, and it makes for a long day. Can it ever be too hot to quilt? Yes, ma'am.

    I hope relief is on the way, and you perk back up with your roses. Until then, I like your remedy of rest and easy food. Be well, Angie.

  4. the climate is changing for the hotter. I had the mistaken idea it would be cool and fresh in Colorado. Natives are all complaining about each year getting hotter even the winters. There are no longer snow capped mountains year round.
    the heat has caused me to be snippy. I know the stir crazy feeling one gets even in a home full of their favorite things. You want to be outside in the summer, but it's too hot for living things. My plants are all dying too.

    Maybe if we wake up as a human race, and stop relying on fossil fuels we'll take a bit more care of our atmosphere. (speaking to fellow Americans here)

  5. That temp is unbelievable! Stay safe. You are a miracle worker, you made a TV dinner look good.😁😁😁

  6. Oh my! And here I am whining about unrelenting mid-90s temps. We just need rain so bad. And I'm a worry wart, so I'm making myself sick worrying about the animals, etc etc etc, and then today the air conditioner quit working. So I'm feeling nauseous, but only because I've worked myself into a stew over the state of things. We've been making quick dinners like that around here -- a) it's too hot to eat too much, and b) definitely too hot to light the oven or slave over a hot stove! I hope cooler temps are in your near future, and I'll be over here praying for rain.

  7. Oh dear, how difficult for you Angie. I'll not complain again either. Take care of yourself and you will sew again soon when conditions ease. Hugs and prayers.


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