In Need of a Triangle

or how to make a really scrappy flying geese with your smaller scraps.

I need to make some flying geese for my Sweet Land of Liberty, but I need to make them scrappy.  And as I use my homespun fabric, I'm only having some small scraps left over. So making the no waste method flying geese gets tougher as I have fewer large squares to use.

Mulling this over I figured the sizes of squares I needed for a 2 1/2" by 4 1/2" flying goose. I'd need a 5 1/4" square for the goose body, and four 2 7/8" (I added the 1/8" for easier cutting) squares for the wings - as per the no waste method.  I can vary the wings easily, but it would give me 4 bodies that are the same.  AND I don't have such a large piece.

So I cut out paper templates of the sizes I need.  Cut them as I would while using the no waste method and voila I have my scrappy geese templates..

Upon comparing the formula (which is calculated for the finished size) with my paper templates, I see that for the unfinished size one would take away 3/4" from the unfinished body square, and half inch from the unfinished wing square and one has the measurement needed to make a flying goose with triangles.  So the next one I made I cut a square for each part with these new dimensions and it came out perfect.  I'll try other sizes in the near future to see if that holds up.  Math rules!


  1. My Grandma always said: " There's more than one way to skin a cat!"

  2. Since I am awful at math, I usually go the try-it-with-scraps-until-you-get-it-right method. Your method sounds much better.

  3. I am like Danice... I waste more time and fabric trying to get the right dimensions that I should just go find a larger piece of fabric to start with. LOL Look forward to seeing your next post on different sizes.


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