Things I've Liked since Last Thursday

Another week has gone by and likes have surprised me.
1. The Vintage quilt raffle ended and the winning ticket was drawn by our pastor. We were thrilled that we made $1112 for the Uganda Water Project!  And the winner was the first person to buy tickets.
And she was - my Mom!  We were both shocked. She's going to put it in her guest bedroom where she has a queen size bed. Congratulations, Mom!

2.  I like that our Christmas poinsettia plant is still blooming and so pretty.  And no, it isn't plastic as some visitors have asked - lol.
My DH says the secret is to keep them outside (they hate gas fumes and heat), water thoroughly (meaning take them out of their foil wrap and hydrate til the water comes out the bottom, and don't leave them standing in water.  Last year's lasted til the end of April.

3. I like how I figured out how to test my stitches before I begin quilting a new quilt.  We're always being told to make a test sandwich with the fabrics we are using.  Lots of times I don't have any leftover fabric, so I put some on the edges of the quilt and test my stitches there.
 I always test my threads and stitches as I often use a different thread on the back and I don't want it to show on the top. Above I was checking the match of the blue thread with the blue fabric.
Here I was using gold thread on the top and a baby blue on the back. - the light green scrap was my test swatch, and it was on the part that would be trimmed off before binding.

I was so happy it rained two days last week. Praise God!  And it's even been a bit cold (I know most of you wouldn't say low 40s is cold), but it helped our mountain areas get some snow - cuz if it's 40 here, it's low 25 - 30s there.

Look forward to reading what brought you smiles. Go on over to LeeAnna's and see what others have liked this past week.



  1. Good Morning!
    How wonderful and exciting that your mom won the quilt, and that you raised a fabulous amount for charity. Your poinsettia plant is doing so great! I love them but didn't get one this year. I didn't know you should take the foil off but this year I will get a few and do so. I can't put them outside here though - it would be well below freezing normally. They'll have to deal with heat! What a wonderful tip about testing your stitches on the side of the quilt like that! I'll have to remember that. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Congratulations to your mom on winning the beautiful quilt. I like your good idea of checking your tension before starting. Sometimes I'm too much of a hurry to do it. Always gets me by not working out.

  3. That's a beautiful quilt, and how lucky for your mom to be the winner! I bet she'll enjoy having it.

  4. Wow! I believe I saw this quilt on your blog before and I'm glad you showed another picture of it - and especially that your mom won it! Yea!

  5. well done on your mum winning the raffle, such a beautiful quilt... a great sum raised too!

  6. That winning quilt is so pretty! If you're going to win a raffle quilt, that's the one! we got a bit of rain too... took me by surprise. We can see far in the distance to the mountains and I saw the gray clouds leaving snow up there while we got a little rain. Of course it quickly froze into ice on the driveway. Once I started keeping track of likes through the week I realized they add up. Glad you're with us! LeeAnna

  7. That poinsettia is beautiful. So is the quilt. How lucky for your mom!

  8. How exciting for your mom, and for you to share it with her! I bet this will be talked about for a while. And good for the cool temps and rain filling your reservoirs and ground water. We can gripe about it or look on the sunny side. Glad you see the positive. And bumping from your other post, enjoy the peace of your retreat.


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