Slow Sunday Stitching

Added a few bits to my eagle, and now I'll be slow stitching the words today.

I've made two more teeny blocks for My Small World and can count the new border on the baby quilt.  So I had a grand total of .30 yards to add to my destashing.  YTD now 4.43 yards.  I better do something big or some culling as I should be more like 12 yards destashed so far.  Hmm.  Actually, once I get the quilting on the Mod-Mod lap quilt done, I'll have time to use more stash starting with the binding for that one.

Giveaway still open. May be a book, or EPP papers or fabric. Go to last Friday's post to link.  I'm linking to Sunday Stash and Slow Sunday Stitching.  Hope you got to sew/quilt today. Blessings!


dq said…
I love the background and stitching on your eagle. I a doing a chicken because an eagle doesn't really go with my alternate theme and plus, I found this chicken orphan block in my cupboard and it needed a home. She was perfect!
Looking forward to seeing the words added to your eagle. I love the motifs of American folk art.
The bigger numbers will come with time. It's still early in the year.
Shelly said…
Looking good so far! You're inspiring me to keep track of how much I'm destashing this year, but then, too, it's one more thing to keep track of, and I don't know if I can keep up!
Beautiful stitching! :)

How you and others keep track of your destashing is amazing to me :) I am not that organized lol
Angie in SoCal said…
I just look at my last week's posts and go from there. See my post of January 31st for my method.
desertskyquilts said…
That is a great traditional design!