A Two Month WIP Gone

I finally managed to finish the baby quilt top.  I was first just going to have all the border pieces matching, but it was too hard trying to get those stripes to line up on both sides.  So I though I'd miter the corners. After cutting off  the vertical pieces for my first attempt, the fabric was now not wide enough to have a long enough piece to miter. I learned that you have to double the width measurement and add an additional 5" to the piece cut to have enough for a miter.  In my case it would be 31.5"+3+3+5 or 42.5 inches and I only had 35".  So I did cornerstones to solve my  border dilemma.

I now find myself with 4 baby quilt tops  that need to be sandwiched and quilted.  How did that happen?  I must confess I'd rather put a top together than do any of the other steps in making a quilt. Good thing I have St. Anne's to help me get some of these done.

Speaking of St. Anne's,  we're raffling a quilt under the auspices of our parish (they're 501(c)(3) hoping to raise some monies for our associate pastor from Uganda.  The village where his mother lives is desperate for a nearby source of potable water.  They want to build some wells.  Here's the quilt we're raffling:
It's a vintage top a neighbor gave me.  We had it quilted.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  The fabrics are all from the 30s-50s.  Here's a close-up:
The Dresden Plates are hand pieced and hand stitched using the buttonhole stitch to the squares. The sashing is sateen ( I think).  It's a queen size quilt.  As you can see from this close-up photo the quilt squares are white not the yellow in the nighttime photo. Drawing winner March 8th.

I hope you liked this eye candy.  I'm linking to Finish it Up Friday, Finished or Not Friday and Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?  Go visit and see all their quilting goodness.

Want to share your goodies (doesn't have to be finish)?  Link below and I'll come by and see what you're up to. Blessings!


  1. 'Love how you did the baby quilt. It is adorable. The Dresden Plates quilt is also beautiful. I love antique quilts so much. I just linked-up with your Link Party. Thank you for all of your nice comments on my blog.

  2. Great results with your baby quilt. I love the raffle quilt. Pity it's so difficult to purchase tickets from down here. Hope it raises lots if funds to provide water.

  3. As I'm learning to make the Tumbling Block (not to be confused with the Tumbler) quilt, I've been practicing on baby quilts. They go up so fast! :)

    Your quilt is so so lovely - borders look pretty! That Dresden Plate is beyond amazing!

  4. and here I thought that I was the only one that was happy to work on a top and then not be enthusiastic about finishing it up :) But this is adorable :)


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