Some of This; Some of That

Finished sandwiching a baby quilt on my kitchen table:
It's 30" square and my fourth enlarged Nearly Insane block.
I use a cardboard fabric cutting board and a clamp to sandwich these smaller quilts.  I like how I can stick the pins into the carboard to anchor the back and be sure I don't get pleats while I"m quilting.

DGS#4 decided he wanted to sew something, too.  He's at my house three days a week and we do a bit each day.  So far he's taken to it like a duck to water.

Did you get to quilt today?  I'm linking to Michelle's Let's Make Baby Quilts and a few other parties you'll find under my so named tab above. Click on more to go to it.


  1. My favorite thing is to see a young one sew. I have one Granddaughter that does a little. Bethie style is more like my daughters, just wing pattern needed.

  2. Love to see a new generation learning to sew!


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