The Grotto

Friday, we went to a beautiful place in Portland of solitude, peace, and prayer.  It's the National Catholic Shrine dedicated to Mary, Our Sorrowful Mother.

c.The Grotto.  Go here to learn more.

There are beautiful paths through a forest like setting with the Stations of the Cross and statues on the lower level and the Rosary mysteries in the upper gardens.  Much to see.  We spent 3 1/2 hours and didn't cover it all. 

Was hard to believe we were in the middle of Portland.  Nearby from the Meditation chapel on the upper gardens we saw the air traffic tower of the Portland International Airport.  We were way up.
Those are the tops of the houses below us and reflection ponds that line the chapel on two sides.

I loved it there.


Hi Angie, this grotto looks so cool and refreshing! What a lovely place to sit and reflect on all of God's blessings. Thanks for his pretty photo ! Best wishes from Marina and Daryl Lynn
Edit "This" pretty photo.......( Marina and Daryl Lynn)
margaret said…
such a peaceful place to visit and beautiful too
Clare M said…
So beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place of reflection on our Creator. Hugs to you Angie.