Sandwiched, Stitched, Turned and Quilted

This went together fast - a bit over an hour.  Baby quilt for St. Anne's.  Did a wide meander over it. Flannel on back; fabric on front.
The quilting mojo is coming back even though it is 108 outside right now.  Heard from my cousin - no more rain or water in the house.  Harvey is east of them now. Praise be!


  1. that was done quickly, good to read the mojo is back and good news re your cousin too what a terrible disaster the hurricane has been

  2. Yikes--I don't think I could function in 180 degree heat! Your little quilt is so sweet!

  3. Hi,
    I don't know if I would have any quilting mojo with 108 temps either! WOW! I am so glad to hear that your cousin doing better after the hurricane. I have sent many prayers for everyone in that area. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Great that your mojo is back - a lovely little quilt is always a good result!

  5. Angie, did you use a batting also? It looks fairly puffy in the picture. This is not a method I'm normally successful at--bagging, is it called?, and wonder how you keep the layers from shifting while you quilt it?

    Curious minds want to know!

    Thanks, Julie


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